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  • School Success

    Give your child a path to being a resourceful learner with the right amount of academic support.

  • Responsible Behaviors

    Be assured your child has the tools to get organized, follow through, and deal with their emotions.

  • Increased Independence

    Reduce stress at home and help your child confidently navigate life, no matter the curve balls.

The breakthrough your child deserves.

See your child step up with the little things (even chores!) while they prepare for the big things (like high-stakes tests).

  • See progress with better grades
  • Get a Toolkit to navigate school and life
  • Be proud of their independence
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Educational Consulting Services

Learning, work, and life are going to get harder for your child without the right support—especially if they have a documented condition, like ADHD. If your child is not equipped, their options for education and work can diminish. That’s why our services focus on helping our clients improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities with key executive function skills: activation, focus, effort, emotion, memory, and taking action.


Our coaching program guides students to develop the skills and strategies needed to solve the problems they face in school and reach their goals.


College entrance exams coming up? Get a personalized study plan based on your strengths and one-on-one coaching sessions to learn the strategies needed to do your best on test day.


Identify the next steps in your education or career and develop plans for pursuing them in any stage of the process.



Serving as advisors and advocates alongside our clients, we offer non-legal education advising to help families make the best decisions with regard to schooling options, college funding, and navigating the special education system in their child’s school.

Who We Help

  • We support individuals with ADHD in the areas of organization, time management, and executive function skills to help them manage their ADHD symptoms in school, work, or life


  • We help the smart but scattered student avoid poor grades and summer school by improving their skills with learning and test taking, whether a weekly quiz or a college entrance exam like the ACT or SAT


  • We assist families in developing the systems and habits at home that their child needs to become more successful


  • We mentor young adults in determining the next steps in their life after high school or college and make plans to move toward their goals


  • We come alongside parents to navigate the school landscape and special education system to get what their child needs
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Here’s how we match your family with an expert educator to be their personal coach.




Schedule a free initial consultation to see how our coaching program can help your child.




Your child receives ongoing support from an expert academic coach.




As your child makes progress, we adjust the coaching program accordingly.

Professionally Recommended

As a Licensed Psychologist who has been evaluating and treating children and adolescents with ADHD and Learning Problems for over 40 years, I have complete confidence recommending Saga Educators to parents when their children or teenagers need an educational consultant. They do an outstanding job helping special needs children and teenagers with ADHD, Learning Disorders, and similar challenges to succeed at school and providing their parents with the needed guidance and support.

Dr. Arthur Robin, Ph.D.Licensed Psychologist

As a therapist, Saga Educators get my highest recommendation. They provide unique services to help bridge the gap for individuals who struggle with executive functioning. After working with them professionally, I can attest that they are knowledgeable, organized, and easy to work with. Their knowledge is outstanding and presented in a practical and easily-understood manner.

Amanda Be, LMSW, MBASupportive Counseling Services

A Champion For Your Child

At Saga Educators we know you want your child to thrive. In order to measure achievement, you need to see higher grades, better organization, and increased responsibility.

The challenge you face after watching your child struggle is that the daily frustrations become overwhelming, and you deserve a guide who’s highly qualified and seen this story before.

We understand how learning works and we guarantee growth. That’s why we are recommended by schools, medical professionals, and parents. Saga Educators clients are looking for a new direction in learning. We vet potential clients to make sure our method is a good fit for their goals and match them with the top educational coaches who have deep experience working with children with the same needs as your child. And to further ensure forward progress, we personalize the coaching they receive based on their strengths.

Here's How it Works:



We conduct an intake assessment to set goals, identify strengths, and show you how to move toward what matters.


We work on skill development and problem solving in regular coaching sessions with your child, adjusting plans as needed.


We monitor progress until your child reaches independence, and then taper the frequency of session to a maintenance/as-needed level.

Featured In:


  • Keep finding out about trouble at school

  • Keep being disappointed by bad report cards

  • Keep battling over daily tasks


Be the champion for your child.
Get them a coach and get peace of mind!

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

I have used Saga Educators for academic coaching services and ACT/SAT prep for both of my high school kids and I HIGHLY recommend. Both kids have benefitted greatly by the effectiveness of how the coaching program teaches them to work and learn.

Debbie R.Mom of 2

Saga Educators have been instrumental in the academic success of my three kids for the past two years. My kids had very different learning needs and they worked with each one to develop the best plan for improvement. All three kids made tremendous progress, and we are so grateful for their support as we navigated through the past two unpredictable years.

Christy S.Mom of 3

Saga Educators has played a pivotal role in my 3 sons' academic development and success over the past five years. Their coaching program empowered my sons to achieve their goals across disciplines and in a variety of venues. Today, my sons are confidently approaching college, law school, and a professional position at a Fortune 500 company, respectively, using the process Saga Educators taught them to employ.

Karen F.Mom of 3

Saga Educators shared so many wise insights on learning strategies, college prep, testing, career choices based on interest areas/strengths/challenges, and so much more. Both my daughters' ACT scores elevated significantly, but more importantly they now have impactful tools and decision making skills to carry them into adulthood and beyond.

Francy L.Mom of 2

Saga Educators help has been invaluable on both the individual and the professional level. Anyone can benefit from working with them! They teach you tools and techniques that help you on the path to success.

Liz P.College Grad

I am extremely impressed with Saga Educators! They have very concise plans of action and steps that they outline in the first intake meeting. They gave periodic updates so we knew how our son was performing. They have a very approachable presence that I believe helped my son to really connect with them and learn to organize, prioritize and set goals. Honestly, it's been the best academic year he has had yet!

Amy M.Mom of 3

Saga Educators have been a tremendous help to our family. Not only have they helped our son educationally, they have helped him build life skills. They listen to our concerns and bring ideas and techniques that he is able to apply immediately to his situation. At every turn, they have gone out of their way to assist us. We can't thank them enough for all they have done for us!

Terri H.Mom of 1

Thank you to Saga Educators for being a transformational presence in our lives! Their support and coaching helped to pull our son through a difficult time in his development. We had struggled for years to understand how to help our son learn while he struggled with anxiety, perfectionism, and OCD. They gave us tools to help and shared incredible practical knowledge and skills. One meeting is worth its weight in gold!

Kelsay P.Mom of 4

My husband and I recently hit a dead end in trying to navigate an important issue for one of our children. Saga Educators knowledge of school policy, plus their advice on reasonable solutions, led to a swift resolution. They were spot on. The information that they gave us was invaluable! We highly recommend Saga Educators. There simply is no time for trial and error when it comes down to the potential success or failure on important educational decisions.

Tracy G.Mom of 3

I started academic coaching with Saga Educators when I was having difficulties in middle school with focusing and getting things done. Now, as a junior, I'm an all-A-and-B student! They have helped me to keep an organized life to balance out myself and my activities. The focus techniques they taught me are honestly life changing. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you!

David P.High School Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical coaching session look like?

Our sessions focus on coaching the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to help children and adults succeed in their day-to-day lives. Each session is personalized to the strengths and needs of the individual. That’s why in our 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, we start off with a check-in on progress toward goals, then establish an agenda for our time together before getting tactical and working on specific tasks that our clients need help with. Sessions wrap up with a summary of what was discussed, learned, and action steps to take before the next session. All sessions are held online, via the world-class videoconferencing platform Zoom, so clients and coaches can connect from anywhere.

How does communication work between clients and the coach?

Our coaches stay in contact with our clients between sessions via email, text messages, and phone calls—all depending on their communication preferences. Communications might include an encouraging note, an accountability check-in to follow up on actionable tasks from the last session, or even an inquiry about what a client wants to focus on in the upcoming session. If a client has questions, they can contact the coach directly and we typically get back within 24 hours during weekdays. For school-based coaching clients, you can fill out a release form to allow the coach to communicate directly with the client’s school on their behalf. This could be an email to a teacher to get feedback or to help a client resolve an issue from an educational perspective. When appropriate, and upon request, members of our coaching team are available to attend school meetings as an advocate for clients.

How is your academic coaching program different from regular tutoring?

Created by award-winning educators and based on leading research in cognitive science and learning—our coaching program helps students to learn how they learn and develop their executive function skills, learning strategies, and what we call the “healthy habits.” Most students struggle with things that have little to do with how much they know about a subject. The smart-but-scattered teen, for example, knows the Pythagorean Theorem cold, but forgets to complete or turn in the geometry homework. Sound familiar? While tutoring can help you master right triangles, it doesn’t help you with your time management, organization, or the like. That’s why our program works to teach crucial skills alongside providing support for academic content to help our clients develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in school (and life!) So can our coaching program help you master geometry? Absolutely, and so much more!

What background do your coaches have?

Our coaches are part teacher, part mentor, and part trusted advisor. They’re basically superheroes without a cape. Our expert coaching team includes current teachers, retired educators, and individuals who have studied and worked extensively in the field of education. Each of our coaches has multiple specialty areas and can support clients in a variety of age groups. Based on the client profile that gets completed during the intake process, we’ll work to match you with a great coach who will fit your strengths (and schedule) so you can rest easy that you’re in good hands.

Can you help our family work with our child’s school so they can have a more successful school year?

Yes! We provide non-legal education advising to families to help them navigate situations and circumstances that arise at their child’s school. That might include providing input to help develop 504 plans and IEPs, helping a family to select the best schooling option for their child, or helping a student learn how to self-advocate in a difficult situation with a teacher. We also offer to attend meetings with your child’s school as your child’s advocate—including special education meetings—to help ensure everything is happening as it should and our clients are getting what they need from the school. We can also provide professional development to your child’s school to help them learn new strategies for working with students who have learning differences. With a signed release from the school we can also stay in contact and communicate with your child’s teachers on an ongoing basis.

How often do coaching sessions take place?

Our coaching program is personalized to the needs of the client and we tailor our services on a session-by-session basis to be responsive to the needs of our clients. Typically, clients start off meeting more frequently and then, as they develop more independence with their skills, taper the frequency of meeting. Others have a specific goal in mind, like to improve on their college entrance exam scores, and they will meet in a very condensed manner multiple times over the course of a short period of time and then not necessarily need to meet again. Our goal overall is to be more like an aspirin than a vitamin—we want our clients to become more self-reliant with the skills we teach them so they can thrive on their own. But we’ll always be here to help when they need it. So, once a maintenance frequency of coaching is reached, clients schedule on an as needed basis.

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