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Many aspects of school and life can be overwhelming, even for the most skilled students, but they don’t have to be. Do you know a student having difficulty accomplishing his or her schoolwork, staying organized, or managing their own self? Academic Coaching can help!

Why Academic Coaching?

Success in school is NOT just about being smart in school. It’s about getting smart at how you do school. And that requires more than helping you understand a topic better (tutoring); it means learning the skills and strategies that help your effort in school take you as far as possible in any subject (coaching). Coaching goes beyond tutoring, which focuses solely on subject matter, to help students with content but also provide support, encouragement, and accountability to thrive in school.

Who Might Benefit from Academic Coaching?

Just as every great athlete depends on coaching in their sport, academic coaching can benefit students in middle or high school when they find it challenging to:

  • stay organized
  • keep up with projects, tests and assignments
  • manage in-school and extracurricular responsibilities
  • maintain focus with schoolwork or avoid procrastination

Target Audience

Academic coaching is intended to support students in K-12 schools or college, including those with ADHD, but can also benefit students in technical programs or online learning settings as well. It differs from tutoring in that it focuses on skill development and problem solving – supporting the development of executive functions – not simply focusing on subject area help. Students often have subject knowledge, but lack skills to use it.

Family Advising Services

Families need support to help their student, and often that support comes from inside the school, but when it doesn’t we’re here to help. We offer non-legal education advising services to support students and empower families to make decisions and interact effectively with their child’s school in either the general education or special education setting. We are available to collaborate with families to develop, review or respond to issues or situations in the school setting for their child’s education.

Getting Started

A 30 minute, no-cost initial consult is scheduled with the individual, coach, and (if applicable) their family. Meetings are usually held at the client’s home or elsewhere, as requested. Virtual coaching using video chatting capabilities is also an option. During the initial consultation, the coach and family get to know one another, identify specific areas of focus, and develop plans for working together. Then, sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, typically once weekly, or as needed.

About the Process

The academic coaching plan is designed in collaboration with the student, their parents, and the coach. It involves identifying the lagging skills and unsolved problems that the student experiences. From there, goals to address unsolved problems by developing skills are determined. Finally, an action plan is created to help the student work toward skill development goals in smaller frames of time. The action plan guides the work on a regular basis during coaching sessions.

The Action Plan

The action plan will address all of the lagging skills and unsolved problems; however, we’ve found that focusing on a single skill/problem at a time works best. It allows the student, family, and coach to prioritize the work they do in sessions by:

  • Choosing the single most significant unsolved problem
  • Working to identify lagging skills and triggers of the unsolved problem
  • Developing abilities to address unsolved problems & improve skills
  • Rehearsing trigger routines to respond in problematic situations


Contact us today to see if our academic coaching or family advising services are a fit for your needs!