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Our executive coaching and productivity workshops focus on skill development and problem solving, because productivity and time management drive learning and performance.

That’s why our services include:

  1. executive coaching sessions for adults
  2. academic coaching for students
  3. workshops for organizations, schools and teams
  4. education advising services for families (non-legal)

We deliver our services by:

  • working with adults or youth in schools, families and organizations
  • providing one-on-one coaching and group training services
  • creating personalized plans for clients to develop skills and solve problems they face
  • focusing on strengths-based approaches to productivity and performance

All of our workshops, presentations and executive coaching sessions aim to increase awareness of, and effectiveness with, six core executive function skills of the brain, including:

❏    Focusing, Sustaining, and Shifting Attention to Tasks

❏    Organizing, Prioritizing, and Activating for Tasks

❏    Regulating Alertness, Sustaining Effort, and Processing Speed

❏    Managing Frustration and Modulating Emotion

❏    Monitoring and Self-Regulating Action

❏    Utilizing Working Memory and Accessing Recall

Developing the skills necessary for high performance, and leveraging the available tools to help one perform, are at the core of what we do to help individuals and teams succeed in their personal, professional and academic lives.

Since 2012, we’ve consulted with thousands of people in Michigan, including individuals, families, schools and organizations, to help them to be more effective in their personal, professional and academic lives. Learn more about our services for:


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