Online Tutoring Workshop


Tutoring is a great way for current and preservice teachers to help students and earn extra income in their spare time. Traditionally, a tutor visits a student at a common location. Between scheduling appointments around busy calendars, finding the right spot to meet, and travel demands, coordinating in-person tutoring can be a hassle. What if there were a better way to tutor that could overcome these challenges? With the availability of new technologies, it’s no longer necessary for a tutor and student to meet in the same physical location.

Here’s where online tutoring saves the day!

Tutoring sessions can be run using video conferencing programs and a variety of online tools. With online tutoring, the tutor can meet the student face-to-face without the need to travel. Scheduling a meeting is as convenient as turning on your computer. With all of the web-based tools available for teaching and learning, online tutoring sessions can be just as beneficial as traditional tutoring, and maybe even more so! In a common, online workspace, a student and tutor can draw, type, and chat together, all in realtime.

No more leaning over anyone’s shoulder!

Sharing content on one’s own computer screen is easy. The student and tutor can simultaneously view physical and digital content. Now, tutors can help students with their academics, all without having to leave the comfort of your own home. In this online tutoring workshop, which includes virtual academic coaching certification, you will learn how to provide effective, individualized, real time support for students, all at no cost to you.

Learn today. Use tomorrow!


Provide educators with the tools, skills, and resources needed to run their own online tutoring programs.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Know how to use a variety of free online tutoring tools
  • Understand best practices for tutoring online
  • Be able to tutor online and provide realtime online support for students

Topics in This Workshop

  • Tutoring vs Online Tutoring
  • How to Tutor Online
  • Virtual Communication Tools
  • Online Tutoring Best Practices
  • Promoting Your Online Tutoring Service

Target Audience

This workshop is appropriate for all educators who would like to run online tutoring or simply be able to help students online.

Approximate Number of Hours


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