New Teacher Technology Academy


IMG_1281Schools and school systems everywhere have induction programs for new teachers; however, often those programs focus on classroom management, instructional activities, and school-specific policies or procedures. As technology is an increasingly essential tool at the disposal of every teacher, and as mobile and digital learning gain momentum in schools, it is more important than ever for new teachers to be able to use technology effectively in their classrooms.

While many might think that new teachers fall into the ‘digital natives’ category and inherently have the skill necessary to incorporate technology, that is not always the case. Though new teachers have familiarity with technology in their personal life, using it to support classroom instruction or assessment does not come naturally. With the number of schools that are implementing cloud computing, learning management systems, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies or 1:1 computing programs, new teachers need to be able to enter into classrooms and schools ready to effectively integrate technology.

This is why SAGA Educators developed the New Teacher Technology Academy–to complement the teacher induction programs already in place with a technology primer like no other. Through the completion of this 30 hour blended learning experience, new teachers will acquire the skills and resources needed to be a new teacher in the 21st century.


Provide new teachers with the technology skills and resources needed to teach in the 21st century.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Know the importances of student technology use in education
  • Understand how to use a variety of technology tools with students
  • Be able to use technology for instruction and assessment

Topics in This Academy

  • Create an online presence in the classroom
  • Utilize Google Apps for Education
  • Find open educational resources
  • Create a digital portfolio
  • Learning management systems
  • BYOD and mobile learning in the classroom
  • Laptops, tablets, and 1:1 computing
  • Understand how to search (not just Google)
  • Use technology for professional learning
  • Formative and summative assessments using technology
  • Current educational technology trends, policy and issues

Target Audience

This workshop is appropriate for all new teachers looking to increase their technology proficiency for the purpose of instruction and assessment. This workshop is also for schools or school systems looking to supplement their currently in place new teacher induction programs.

Approximate Number of Hours


Workshop Separates

We understand that institutions and students may not be able to commit to a full 30 hour academy, which is why we offer separates for all of our academies. Any of the topics of the New Teacher Technology Academy are available in a one-day workshop format for 6 hours of professional development.

Soon Available From This Academy

The The Educational Technology Survival Guide For the New Teacher (coming Spring, 2015)

Please contact us using the contact form to get more information about our Preservice Teacher Technology Academy or workshop separates.