Modern Science Teacher Academy


fireballWith the increasing demand for 21st-century learning skills in classrooms of all grades, science students must now be able to go beyond comprehension and apply science knowledge in a variety of ways. Based on the framework of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS,) students will need much more than content knowledge acquisition to transition to the new science practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross-cutting concepts of the NGSS; however, science standards and teaching practices have traditionally focused mostly on the delivery and transmission of content knowledge. The Modern Science Teacher Academy is designed to coach teachers to engage students in science practices and understand science in a more coherent fashion through the conceptual shifts of the NGSS framework. Teachers will engage in instructional methods that will empower their students to succeed in the modern science classroom.


The Modern Science Teacher Academy is designed to empower educators to go beyond content knowledge delivery and teach science by engaging students in doing science.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Know the importance for students to learn science by doing science
  • Understand how the three performance expectations (e.g., student practices, core disciplinary ideas, and crosscutting concepts) of the NGSS are organized and apply to their classroom
  • Be able to engage students in the eight science practices of the NGSS

Topics in This Academy

  • Making student thinking visible
  • The eight practices of the NGSS
  • Facilitating student discourse and discussion
  • Engaging in Socratic questioning in the classroom
  • Aligning curriculum with the disciplinary core ideas
  • Students as designers of experiments and investigations
  • Integrating reading and writing into the science classroom
  • Building a coherent understanding of science with cross-cutting concepts

Target Audience

This workshop is appropriate for any teacher of science K-12; however, to scale it to the appropriate grade level, we offer it in three separate versions:

  1. elementary
  2. middle grades
  3. high school

Approximate Number of Hours


Workshop Separates

We understand that organizations may not be able to commit to a full 30 hour academy, which is why we offer separates for all of our academies. Any of the topics of the Modern Science Teacher Academy are available in a one-day workshop format for 6 hours of professional development.

Please contact us using the contact form to get more information about our Modern Science Teacher Academy or workshop separates.