Classroom Branding Academy


Chosen TeamPhysics LogoAdvertising and marketing experts know the power that branding has in the business world. In fact, brand marketing capitalizes on key principles of cognitive science and how the brain learns. Building a brand is no longer just for companies.

Branding is all around us and it pervades all the major aspects of everyday life from consumerism to sports to politics; however, it is not yet in the classroom. Since brand marketing plays such a vital role in creating the culture that surrounds an organization, branding could help teachers develop their classroom culture.

That’s why SAGA Educators developed the Classroom Branding Workshop to help new and career educators engineer the student culture they want by leveraging the power of branding in the classroom.


The Classroom Branding Academy is designed to empower educators to create and implement a classroom brand within their school.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Know the power of brand in various aspects of life and culture
  • Understand how to use the 8 step process to engineer a classroom brand
  • Be able to create and implement a classroom brand

Topics in This Academy

  • Brands, branding and classroom brands
  • The classroom narrative
  • Leadership through branding
  • Branding in various aspects of life and culture
  • The eight steps to engineer a classroom brand
  • Market research, brand marketing, and principles of branding
  • The role of social media in branding
  • Cognitive science, learning theory, and where branding fits in the mix
  • Developing your branding campaign
  • Obtaining and using feedback on your brand to reiterate your brand
  • Rules, norms, and values
  • Classroom climate and culture of learning

Target Audience

This workshop is appropriate for any classroom teacher or administrator in K-12 education.

Approximate Number of Hours


Workshop Separates

The Classroom Branding Academy is offered in a one-day workshop format, but can also be delivered in two half-day sessions. There is also a two-hour and one-hour preview presentation version of this academy available upon request.

Please contact us using the contact form to get more information about our Modern Science Teacher Academy or workshop separates.