About Us

We Are the SAGA Educators


The mission of the SAGA Educators is to improve teaching and learning in Michigan schools by making high quality professional learning and teacher leadership accessible to Michigan educators.

We believe that high quality professional learning should be:

  • Pragmatic and classroom-oriented
  • Accessible in terms of proximity and cost
  • Easy to implement
  • Relevant to the school and classroom environment
  • Proven effective based on research, best practices, and program evaluation
  • Based on students’ needs
  • Based on the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers (PSMT)

The aims of the SAGA Educators Network are carried out statewide for the K-12 level in the context of the Vision of the SAGA Educators Network and the three over-arching elements: Leadership, Learning, and Technology.

  • Abud Works With TeachersFacilitate and provide quality teacher leadership and professional learning opportunities that are focused on building leadership and school capacity that improve student learning and teacher retention.
  • Develop partnerships with schools, districts, higher education, other organizations and entities, with a priority on high need schools, which are focused on improving instructional practice and student success using collaborative and reflective processes.
  • Develop and promote the profession of teaching in Michigan by engaging in policy development and research in the areas of:
    • Teaching as a profession
    • The impact of quality instruction on student learning
    • Best practices in professional learning and teacher evaluation

The SAGA Educators Network is committed to making high quality resources & professional learning available to Michigan Teachers for the benefit of all Michigan students. Education is a practice. Let’s practice together.

Learn today. Use tomorrow.