01 May

How to Tame Your Apple TV

image003Apple TV is an amazing (and inexpensive) little device, used in many classrooms and homes, which lets you access content from a variety of web sources and display the mirror image of your iOS device (called “mirroring”) screen wirelessly using AirPlay to your display. But sometimes there can be too much content, and that can distract from the main goal.

IMG_1281Are you using an Apple TV in your classroom to stream online multimedia content or mirror your classroom’s mobile devices? If so, then chances are you already know how much great content is available using your Apple TV to stream right in your classroom. You probably have also noticed that there is some content available on Apple TV that isn’t age-appropriate and can be downright distracting.

But did you know that you can control what content and apps appear on the main menu of your Apple TV when you turn it on?

image108Regardless of whether you’re streaming content or mirroring your iPad to the screen, when the Apple TV starts up in a classroom you don’t know what content (from the iTunes Store) will appear.
To help you have more control over what apps and content appear on your Apple TV home screen menu, a couple of handy settings, including Restrictions, will allow you to limit the movies, TV shows, music, and apps that show up when your Apple TV is on in the classroom. That way, you can focus on the content you’re teaching and activities you want to with your students without having to worry about distractions or age-inappropriate content appearing.
This short video tutorial, SAGA Educators own Gary Abud** will show you exactly how to enable restrictions, restrict content, and hide apps on your Apple TV:
Once you’ve customized your Apple TV, you’ll breathe easier when you call up its home screen each day, because you won’t have to worry about the movie covers of films like Frozen catching students’ eyes and derailing their attention as they all simultaneously begin singing Let It Go.
**Our very own Gary Abud has been nominated for a Bammy Award for his teaching and leadership activity around the country teaching kids and adults! We’re very of this proud nomination by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences and wish him the best in the selection process! If you’d like to provide a review of Gary’s work or vote, you can do that here.