31 May

Avoid Summer Learning Slide in Just 10 Minutes Per Week

This summer, how will you prevent summer slide from impacting you as an educator?

icon_512As the temperature rises in the U.S., often learning cools off. For students who have a traditional summer recess from school, this impact on academics is known as the ‘summer slide,’ but did you know it affects educators too?

Teachers who disengage completely from professional learning throughout the summer might also find themselves experiencing a degree of slide when they return in the fall.

While it’s critically important to get ‘off the grid’ so-to-speak, and recharge the batteries by engaging in non-career activities, it’s just as important to fuel your continued learning during the summer and power up your idea toolkit for the start of the next school year.

Don’t worry, though. You are covered…and, in only 10 minutes a week! Last month, a new radio program launched, which will serve as a source of easily-consumable and quickly-accessible professional learning, for educators throughout the summer and beyond! It’s a new radio show co-hosted by our very own Gary Abud with another inspiring educator Steve Perkins, a Latin teacher from Indiana, and the 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year.

What’s the show, you ask?

Teachers of the Year Radio: 10-Minute Conversations With the Nation’s Top Educators

Also referred to fondly by its network call name, WTOY, Teachers of the Year Radio is a weekly radio program for educators, which serves as a source of high-quality professional development for teachers everywhere: for teachers, by teachers.

Summer (1)Want to keep current, get inspired, and gain some great new ideas for your professional practice? Of course you do! But what if you wanted the learning to come to you? Then plan to commit just 10 minutes per week, subscribe to the show, and get actionable strategies to advance your learning and impact your professional practice.

One word that describes every teacher today is “busy.” All teachers want to advance their craft, but don’t always have the opportunity or time to do so. They need access to tried-and-true resources and ideas for their teaching that don’t take lots of time away from their practice.

That’s why WTOY Radio is bringing some of the best ideas in education from around the country to you in 10 minutes or less.

About the Program

Teachers of the Year Radio: Ten Minute Conversations With the Nation’s Top Educators is a weekly education talk radio program on the BAM! Radio Network that seeks to bring together people with ideas in order to better serve education across the nation.

The program taps into the expertise of nationally-recognized teacher leaders from across the U.S. and its territories to inform listeners about the latest and greatest in teaching, leading, and learning from around the country. Each week you will find a new episode where one of the State Teachers of the Year shares ideas and practices that will inform and inspire you to think differently about education. But what’s more is that every episode will give you actionable strategies for mobilizing the ideas you hear right away.

You’ll hear from teachers across the P-20 spectrum and from all regions of the U.S. From authentic assessment to competency-based education, this program will not only keep you up-to-speed on what’s happening around the country, but empower you with new ideas that you can use in your career.

Subscribe. Listen. Share.

  • Listen online BAM! Radio Network is the producer of Teachers of the Year Radio, and as such they make the program freely available for listening on the go. BAM! is “the largest education radio network in the world, offering programming from the nation’s top education organizations and thought leaders and reaching a wide audience of people passionately committed to quality education.” You can subscribe and listen to the program on the Teachers of the Year Radio educator channel on BAM! Radio Network.
  • Subscribe via iTunes Each episode of Teachers of the Year Radio is also available to for free on iTunes. Subscribe to the show to get each episode delivered right to you every week. Listen to the program on your favorite device and enjoy quality professional learning anywhere and any time!
  • Follow on Twitter Follow Teachers of the Year Radio on Twitter and stay up to date on upcoming episodes, as well as the topics and resources shared by our guests.
  • Read up on the blog The Teachers of the Year Radio blog posts a synopsis of each weekly episode along with links to listen, subscribe, and share. You can add the blog to your RSS feed to keep up with the program and weekly topics.

So tell your colleagues and friends about the show, follow it on Twitter, and get ready to tune in for the best ten minutes of your week! It’s the easiest way to keep your professional learning hot throughout the summer and school year.