06 Apr

Five Inspiring Thoughts to Spark Your Self Efficacy


This month, my personal leadership inspiration comes to from Don Miguel Ruiz and his book The Fifth Agreement. In this “practical guide to self mastery,” Ruiz offers an essential list of five agreements we should have with ourselves to help improve how we operate in our work, love, and play.

The Five Agreements:

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.
  5. Be skeptical, but learn to listen.

Ruiz speaks some truths here that might seem familiar. In reflecting on what these mean for you in your own personal and professional identities, you might find that while these five agreements appear to be common sense, they are not always common practice.

This month, challenge yourself to put these agreements on your desk, up on the wall, or in your view somehow so that you can reflect on them, use them, and grow because of them.